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We do what we love. Coffee.

We are a newly opened roastery that focuses on quality, taste and culture. Coffee beans from different parts of the world are roasted to bring out their potential and taste.

The variety in the coffee offer guarantees that you will always make the right choice when choosing coffee.

In the place where Idylika is located today, pharmacy u Samaritán was located for a long time. We therefore decided to preserve the heritage of the space by offering a wide range of teas that will not only bring you a wonderful idyll, but also relieve you.

We are here for you to get the most out of our products and an unforgettable experience!



Idylika s.r.o.

ID number: 54183731
TIN: 2121606663
VAT: SK2121606663

Head Office
J. Š. Šikuru 10644/76
036 08 Martin

ul. 29. augusta 1, Martin