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About the webpage

  • What is this portal for?

    Our portal allows you to order our coffee, teas or other products from our offer.
  • Is registration mandatory?

    No, registration is not mandatory at all. By registering, you will get a lot of practical benefits, such as pre-filled data when ordering, the possibility to create a home, work or business address and confirm the order in 3 clicks.
  • The item is in the cart and I don't want it.

    You can remove it easily - either in the quick overview of the basket or directly in the basket. If you are in the quick overview of the basket, which is available after clicking on the basket icon, then after pressing the red cross icon, or if you are currently in the basket while recapitulating the order, then with the - (minus) button or after clicking on the basket icon. You just confirm the deletion in the confirmation window - so that you don't accidentally delete something from the basket
  • Who can use it?

    All natural persons older than 16 years. You can shop as a regular consumer or as an entrepreneur for a company.
  • What are the benefits of registration?

    By registering, you can order Idylika more efficiently and quickly, because the system remembers and automatically fills in your personal data when ordering. You don't have to fill in your first name, last name, phone number, e-mail and address repeatedly. You can then complete the order in 3 clicks. You can even save your home, work or any other address in the system, which the system remembers and fills in when ordering.
  • How do I confirm the order?

    Confirm the checked order by clicking the "Order with payment obligation" button. Before confirming the order, we ask you to check all the given data. Once the order has been confirmed, it will no longer be possible to change them.


  • How can I save an address?

    The address can be saved when creating an order in the basket or directly in the profile. Log in and you can manage your addresses in the "My addresses" section. By clicking the button to add a new address, the system prompts you to fill in data for Home, Work or Other. You can name another address that you regularly use as you wish - for example Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Are my addresses public?

    No, they are not publicly accessible in any case. Only you can see them, and only the address to which you just ordered will be sent to Idylika, without us knowing what you call it.
  • Home address, work and other?

    The system offers the possibility to save the address of your home, work or other frequently used place - for example, the address of Grandma and Grandpa, from whom you regularly order coffee or other goods. When creating an order, you just click on one of the buttons, which will automatically fill in the selected address.
  • Can I edit or delete addresses later?

    Yes, addresses can be managed quite simply through your profile. Log in and in the "My addresses" section you can change, delete or add a new address by clicking on the appropriate icon or button.


  • What is the basket for?

    The basket represents your electronic shopping basket, similar to the one in a regular store. You can add whatever you want to it, when it has everything you wanted, you pay for it. We will then deliver the ordered items to the specified address or you can pick them up (in the case of personal collection).
  • How do I add a product to the cart?

    Simply. Click on the product name or photo. The product detail will open. Below the short description of the product located under the product name, there are buttons for adding to the cart. You can enter or edit the number of items with the + and - buttons, set and then confirm your selection by clicking the green "Add to cart" button. You can add a note to the order - if you have a special request.
  • How do I check if I ordered correctly?

    Open the cart by clicking on the "Cart" button and you will see a recapitulation of the order. Here you will see all products, attachments and notes. You can continue by making another selection from the menu or confirming the order.
  • How do I get to the cart?

    By clicking on the "Cart" button in the upper part of the screen with the shopping bag icon, on which the number of products it already contains is displayed, a quick overview of the basket will be displayed. If you want to buy these items, just click on the button "Go to order" - this will take you to the recapitulation of the order, where you can enter your data and choose the method of delivery and the method of payment.
  • Can I order several pieces at once?

    Of course. You can adjust the number of pieces with the + or - buttons, or you can enter the value manually. Then click on the button with the icon of the basket with the inscription "Add to basket" to add the required amount to the basket.

An order

  • How do I create an order?

    So that you put coffee, tea or any other product you want to order into the cart. Then you open your cart. You will see a quick recapitulation of the order. If you haven't forgotten anything, click on the button "Go to order" where you will find a summary of the order. If you are logged in and have an address in your profile, the system will enter the data for you. Otherwise, it is necessary to fill in the following data: Name and surname, e-mail address, telephone, address. Choose the delivery method, payment type, and confirm the order.
  • I don't have the address saved and I want to do it now.

    So in the order in the "Delivery address" section, fill in the data and choose whether you want to save it as a "Home" or "Work" address. If you want to save it as a different one, you can do so via your profile and the "My addresses" section.
  • Can I shop for a company?

    Yes of course. Just fill in your company information. We will issue an invoice according to them for you.
  • Is it possible to cancel an order?

    An order that we have confirmed cannot be cancelled. However, you can withdraw from the contract. If the order has not yet been shipped and handed over to the courier and you want to prevent it from happening, just let us know as soon as possible on 0905 333 440 or by email at [email protected].
  • I have saved addresses and I want to fill in the work address.

    So in the "Delivery address" section, click the "Work" button and the data will be overwritten. The colored button informs you about which address is currently filled in.
  • How can I pay?

    You can pay for the order by choosing from the displayed methods. If only 1 payment method is possible, for example online, it will not be possible to select another method.
  • Can I shop for the company and have the order delivered elsewhere?

    Sure. Fill in the company data - we will issue an invoice according to them for you - and fill in the delivery address. The courier will deliver the order there. You do not need to fill in the delivery address if you choose delivery to the Z-point delivery point from Packeta or if you come to pick up the order.